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Genres: Horror
Release Date: 2019
Jordan Peele
rating: 7,7 / 10 Star
casts: Winston Duke





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I preferred Us to Get Out as it was more of a traditional horror film. To start, some of the issues in a lot of horror films are present here, ie characters making poor decisions. But I guess if they weren’t to make those poor decisions, we wouldn’t have the film. I like the comedic elements and the way they were interwoven into the story, although I did think there was a bit too much comedy present in the film. But those are my only gripes. Lupita, Winston, and the children all give a remarkable performance as both the good and evil side of themselves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better performance from Lupita in fact. I will definitely be watching this one again soon. I feel it will be even better after a second viewing. 9/10.

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This movie was a complete waste of time, terrible acting, stupid story that does not make since, people where leaving half way through the movies, absolutely rubbish.
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Just like in “Get Out. The beginning to the mid is absolutely amazing, but from the mid onward it just falls flat and scatters.
The beginning was perfect. Absolutely perfect.
“Who’s there?
Like, come on. Why couldn’t they keep it up?
The beginning-
Scary, heart aching, tension, interesting, well filmed.
The premise is quite good. “Girl allegedly finds her doppelganger and gets ptsd, years later to find out it was true, and even truer than she thought.”
Her daughter talks about conspiracy theories, something that SHOULD have been talked about a lot more later on and more dwelt in. Alas, they don’t in the middle of the movie, something that really makes the film scatter off.
The beginning was truly a piece of a quality horror film.
The middle-
The movie starts taking itself less seriously, but way less seriously.
They add jokes while being in the most horrific situations, like;
“You can take the boat for all I care”
“Dad, no one wants the boat”
While they are all crying and shivering of fear. Like, come one. You see how silly it is?
I figured out they were going to have to kill their own doppelgangers, because come one it’s pretty obvious, and the ways they did it were good and interesting but. The movie lost it’s “scary. It turned to some action film (not a bad one, mind you) instead of a horror.
As a horror film, it’s a 6/10, but as an action/thriller it’s an 8/10.
The ending-
The worst part. In short – A bloody X-files movie. I’ll give credit to the beginning- They hinted that the tunnels are still being used, but the lack of talk and dwelling on conspiracy theories made the ending fall flat – It came out of no where. A huge twist with almost nothing to indicate about it. Only the text at the beginning, but it’s a bad kind of hint. A hint that’s literally provided on a silver plate instead of being in the movie itself. Might as well given out fliers with the text before entering the cinema.
No (or bad) hints = bad huge twist.
Same goes for the mother twist- It even contradicts literally everything the dop-mom said, about how she was born in the facility and never knew warm food and all. And they didn’t show that she was brainwashed after being kidnapped or got her memories erased, there was no indication for that in the film so it’s just bad writing from here on out. I did notice the mother’s growling and violent behavior early on before the twist, and I thought to myself “Wow, the mother’s character developed to a protecting lioness! only then to destroy the image with the bad twist of “she was a violent clone all along. Something that absolutely contradicts the early phases of her character in the movie.
I give the movie a 7 only for the beginning and the potential it had.

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